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Mannequin Upcycling Workshops

Handpainted leopard print upcycled mannequin lampThankfully there is a growing global trend to upcycle and reuse items considered by many as waste.

Mernpunk has joined forces with Mannakin to offer mannequin art workshops at the amazing Mannequin Graveyard, Fulbeck, near Grantham, Lincolnshire. Mannakin is a business working solely in the area of recycling and renovating mannequins for continued use in the fashion and media industries.

Seeing the graveyard really is believing. This is where all those glamourous shop mannequins go to die when they’re no longer wanted. The mountain alone is a sight to behold! We want to give those fabulous ladies and gents a new life by painting and upcycling them into art, lamps, tables – basically anything gorgeous! Those who know Mernpunk will know that mannequins are a big part of our work. We have turned many of these unloved pieces into fabulous, eyecatching homewares. Now we want to share this passion with others.

Interactive and engaging, our mannequin art workshops aim to teach you the skills needed not only to turn mannequins into masterpieces, you will also be able to use these techniques on furniture or other craft pieces. Groups will be made up of a maximum of four people to allow for plenty of one to one attention.

Techniques covered will include:


Paintingupcycled mannequin - female torso - black with gold leaf
Raised stencilling
Metallic Waxes


Gold and silver tone leaf application
Hand painted aspects such as animal prints
Embellishments (cogs, jewels, etc)
Faux finishing

Attendees will be given a selection of used mannequin parts to select from included in the workshop price. Sessions will begin with instructions and demonstrations of the techniques offered, with attendees using the remainder of the workshop time to design and make their piece. Workshop times will run 10-4pm with attendees being encouraged to bring their own lunch however, tea/coffee will be provided.

Once the workshop has concluded, attendees will be able to select some additional mannequin parts from

Female mannequin torso with bronze patina lamp

the yard to develop in their own time, at a reduced cost.

Dates and booking information can be found on our Facebook page

Upcoming workshops

Saturday 15th February 2020 (Basic)

Saturday 14th March 2020 (Basic)

All events to be held at Dollywood, Brand Road, Fulbeck Lowfields, Grantham, NG32 3JD

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