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Mannequin Art 

We are very fortunate to be located close to the famous ‘Mannakin‘ mannequin graveyard. The yard is frequently used as a film set and photography shoot location. They also sell on for reuse former shop mannequin parts.

Seeing the graveyard really is believing. This is where all those glamourous shop mannequins go to die when they’re no longer wanted. The mountain alone is a sight to behold!

Those who know Mernpunk will know that mannequins are a big part of our work. We have turned many of these unloved pieces into fabulous, eyecatching homewares and art pieces.

Mannakin are based in Grantham, working closely with the fashion, art and media industries. Their aim is to encourage retailers to reuse and renovate existing fibreglass mannequin stock instead of disposing – a notoriously difficult endeavour given the fact that it isn’t recyclable. The alternative to this is to simply crush an them and dump them into landfill. In 2012 alone, Mannakin received over 20,000 mannequins for recycling over a six month period. These were diverted from going to landfill by the organisation embarking upon a large scale reuse / upcycle programme.

We are very fortunate to be able to work closely with the organisation, turning as many of these abandoned pieces into functional art, both for private homes and retail / hospitality establishments.

We are currently working on an exhibition entitled #hashtagpricetag, which will be launched in 2021. Keep an eye on the website for details.