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Dale Mernpunk

Mernpunk is the collaborative name of two artists – Dale Lodge and Matt Lodge.

Dale’s artistic endeavours started out with upcycling furniture, offering a quirky and edgy slant to dull and unloved vintage pieces. However, after a chance encounter with the owner of a mannequin recycling business (see mannequin art page for more), she began to experiment with using unwanted mannequins as an artistic canvas.

Dale specialises in faux finishes and abstract artistic styles, as well as restoring and repainting Mernpunk’s furniture range in a variety of outside the box styles.

Dale has also led mannequin art classes, and shall offer these again once we’re all allowed to go near each other again…


Matt Aka MP13TZ’s artistic path began with several years spent as a tattoo artist in the East of England. He specialises in freehand work (you have to be steady handed to be a tattooist!) and original paintings.

Now based in Lincolnshire, as half of Mernpunk, Matt brings his bold, artistic abilities to vintage furniture, to create incredible one off home interior pieces. In addition, he created striking one off art pieces, inspired by pop art, cubism and old school tattoo flash.

His most popular works to date include Mernpunk’s well known Jimi Hendrix drawers, and the stunningly detailed ‘Scarlett the Tattooed Lady‘ mannequin lamp which was featured and  sold at the SHiNE exhibition at Yellow Edge Gallery.


Based in Lincolnshire, Mernpunk specialise in creating one off art & design furniture and lighting for homes and businesses that want something a little less ordinary…  All of Mernpunk’s statement pieces are professionally and skillfully hand painted, designed to be the talking point of any interior.

Commissions available – get in touch if you want something a little less Ikea and a lot more inspired!

Delivery available using our own in house courier Bomber County Courier

Mernpunk is a Member of the House of Upcycling, the UK’s leading professional upcycling authority and Industry Partner of the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design)

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